We Tested a Viral 3-Ingredient Fondant Cake Recipe and the Result Was Surprising

We Tested a Viral 3-Ingredient Fondant Cake Recipe and the Result Was Surprising

Three Ingredients, One Gesture and Zero Utensils On February 11, journalist and food critic François-Régy Gaudry shared a stunningly simple chestnut fudge recipe with his 280,000 Instagram followers. Delighted with his friend Anthony Cointre, chef and reviewer for his show. Very very good The peculiarity of this dessert at Paris Première is that it is prepared in record time with only chestnut cream, eggs and semi-salted butter. At first glance, the result obtained by the journalist is tempting. In the mouth, ” the texture is mega soft, just melting (…) It’s just a pleasure ”, assures François-Régy Gaudry at the end of his video tutorial. It was enough to seduce internet users who viewed his recipe over 240,000 times. ” It looks so good » ; ” It smells delicious » ; ” I’ll try it on the weekend, thanks “, we can read among the many comments.

1 kg chestnut cream

But does this chestnut fudge really live up to its promises? We have researched and reproduced this recipe under the same conditions and with the same ingredients as François-Régis Gaudry. First surprise: the critic recommends using two 500-gram jars of Ardèche Clément Faugier chestnut cream, which are easy to find in supermarkets. Twice 500 g each, or even no less … a kilogram! While tasty and regressive, Clement Faugier’s recipe is 50% chestnuts, sugar, candied chestnuts, and glucose syrup. And displays Nutri-Score D. Therefore, it is necessary to iron for the diet.

Chestnut cream Clement Faugier

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Fondant that can be prepared in an instant

As for the steps of the recipe, it is difficult to make it easier. Mix the chestnut cream with the six eggs, adding them as they cook so that they mix well with the cream. Then add the butter, previously melted in a water bath, before placing the appliance in the oven. In terms of cooking time, the critic claims a range of 30 to 40 minutes, but it all depends on the power of the oven. For us, 35 minutes was the perfect length.

Shiny crust and melting texture

Our verdict, when is the cake baked? Very tasty, but… very sweet. Chestnut cream is ubiquitous, which should delight connoisseurs. To taste it, it is best to accompany it with a dairy product (cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, coconut milk yogurt, etc.) to break down the power of the sugar, as François-Régy Gaudry recommends. In terms of appearance, we were amazed by the result. Despite the small amount of ingredients and the absence of flour, this dessert holds up well and is worthy of a real fudge. The crust was especially shiny and the texture soft and melting. Another positive point is the minimum cost of this recipe. We spent €5 for two boxes of chestnut cream, €1.60 for eggs and €1.69 for semi-salted butter, resulting in a basket of €8.29. If you are a fan of Ardèche cream, then this dessert is for you, but… in small doses. If you like light and not very sweet cakes, go your own way.

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