Italian Minestrone Soup Secrets

Italian Minestrone Soup Secrets

Want a comforting and warming meal? It’s time to head to the kitchen to make the famous minestrone soup, this Italian soup with 1001 recipes. We share with you our tips and advice on how to achieve this.

Immediate landing in Italy! If the country offers colorful recipes that tend to smell good in summer and sunshine, there’s also a dish that knows how to pack gourmets when temperatures start to drop: minestrone soup. Delicious, persistent and perfect for this fall or winter. this soup is available according to your desires and vegetables present in gardens and market stalls. Moreover, there is no traditional or official recipe in Italy.. Everyone has their own version, handed down by family or acquaintances, which varies by region. Today we are revealing ours to you. Let’s go to !

Minestrone soup, quesaco?

Minestrone soup is thick soup consists of sliced ​​vegetables, pasta and sometimes even rice. Originally from Italy, this recipe is shared with family or friends throughout the year. Thus, it is adapted according to seasonal vegetables (e.g. leeks, courgettes in winter and courgettes and beans in summer). They flavor the soup and give it a unique and precious taste. To add texture to this soup pasta or rice is traditionally added to it, as well as borlotti beans also called marbled or coconut beans.

Depending on the region, everyone also adds their own individual approach. In Genoa we put herbs in it while the minestrone soup is being prepared with pieces of ham in Milan For example. Some Italians also garnish this soup with onions, polenta, or even pancetta. After all, there are no rules when it comes to pampering yourself and sharing good food.

Our Minestrone Soup Recipe and Our Tips

To delight you this fall, discover our seasonal minestrone soup recipe. On the menu ? Leek, cabbage and carrots, accompanied by other main ingredients.

For 4 servings

200 g borlotti or white beans
1 beautiful leek
1/2 green cabbage
2 carrots
400 g canned tomatoes (preferably chopped)
100 g raw pasta or rice
1 garlic clove
1 chopped onion
Bay leaf
1 small sprig thyme
Salt and pepper
1 drop neutral oil

Training :
Tip: Before you start this recipe, soak the beans in cold water the night before.

On D-Day, sauté garlic and onion in oil in a saucepan or broiler until translucent.
In the meantime, prepare the vegetables: peel the carrots and cut them into pieces. Chop cabbage and leeks.
Add carrots, leeks, then cabbage and cook for a few minutes. Then add a can of tomatoes and beans. Top with water and add herbs to flavor the soup. Don’t forget to salt and pepper.
Then let it simmer covered for 1 hour 30 minutes, checking the cooking process regularly. Also, do not forget to stir from time to time to get a uniform roast.
After the cooking time has elapsed, add the pasta and cook it directly in the soup, observing the time indicated on the package.
All you have to do is serve hot, taking care to remove the thyme sprigs and bay leaves beforehand.

Minestrone soup options:

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