Cyril Lignac’s Tips for Creamy and Spicy White Butter Sauce

Cyril Lignac’s Tips for Creamy and Spicy White Butter Sauce

On February 8, the chef reveals his secrets to delicious white butter for your fish.

white butter recipe very old. The kitchen has changed a lot, so we are doing less and less of this rich butter cuisine that we always prefer. bake Fish with olive oil,” Cyril Lignac begins. “There is a difference between white oil and Nantes oil. In the white oil, we leave the shallots while cooking, and the butter of Nantes is passed through a sieve, a small sieve,” explains the chef.

Take 3 shallots and put 15 ml white wine and 50 ml of white wine vinegar for acidity. Reduce like Béarnaise sauce. As soon as there is some wine and vinegar left in the pan, add 200 g semi-salted butter and we’ll knock it out of the fire, “and that’ll give us a creamy bond,” adds Cyril Lignac. Whisk everything together, then pour over the baked fish.
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